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The ‘Doctorsthought’ is a charitable group of Medical Doctors from all over India in different areas of expertise. It is a non-profitable group working on principle to help public and also to make attempt towards fulfilment of UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development and also Government initiative regarding public health.


The aim of this group is to work on non-monetary terms for curing, treating, healing, advising, directing, reviewing articles/blogs/medical contents/catalogue of cos. guiding, monitoring, running screening centers in the health and medical related issues of the Society and its people. The team of ‘Doctorsthought’ aims to develop emergency Response Unit to achieve faster and better quality of health and life by deployment of good planning and preparedness and recommending health and medical product for use.


Looking at the present condition of Indian Healthcare system, this team of ‘Doctorsthought’ believes that this existing Indian Healthcare system needs to be revolutionized and to make the profession of Doctors noble in the eyes of general public. ‘Doctorsthought’ retains a belief that every human should have a right to seek and undergo an unadulterated health and medical treatment at free or minimal cost.